Venturer Scout Uniform

The Venturer Scout uniform is worn when designated by our Company, or as called for when you are participating in Area, Council or National events. Since the uniform shows that you are a Venturer who belongs to a particular Company as well as the whole Scouting Movement, you should wear it correctly and with pride.

The official uniform consists of an official collared, button-up unisex navy blue shirt, your Group neckerchief with the Venturer Scout woggle, tan trousers and a leather belt. All of these items are available through the Scout Shop, but unofficial tan trousers and belt are acceptable. If the expense of a uniform poses a financial burden to any members of the Company, No One Left Behind will provide support for the expense of a new shirt.

A Company may develop its own unofficial activity dress for informal outings and occasions.

Additional uniform information can be found on the main Scouts Canada Uniform page.

Your necker is the symbol of 6th Dundas Venturer Scouts. The necker is rolled from the hypoteneuse towards the 45-degree point.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

The Area and Council Crests are specific to our Area (Hamilton Wentworth) and our Council (Battlefields) within Scouts Canada. They help identify our youth and Scouters in Provincial, National and International events.

Our 6th Dundas crest is affixed to the left shoulder of the uniform.

If you are new to 6th Dundas Scouting, a $15.00 deposit is required for use of the necker – this is returned when the necker is returned in usable well kept condition at the end of your involvement with 6th Dundas Scouting.

 Pay your Necker Deposit online or with Cash to your Section Scouter.