Troop Code of Conduct

Participation in Scouting should be rewarding and fun for all. To ensure all Scouts have an opportunity to experience and enjoy Scouting to the fullest, it is imperative that a certain level of conduct and discipline be maintained.  Scouting should be a “Safe Haven” where members can have fun and be welcomed regardless of age, appearance, ability, status, race, religion, or gender. Outlined below are a few simple rules intended to help maintain Troop order, while respecting the needs and desires of the individual.

  1. Every member, regardless of position, has the right to be treated with RESPECT and dignity by their fellow Scouts and adult Scouters. (The Golden Rule)
  2. Scouts shall at all times conduct themselves in accordance with the intent and spirit of the Scout Law and Promise.
  3. Abusive or foul language is not considered acceptable behaviour
  4. No Scout has the right to disrupt Troop activities at the expense of other Troop members
  5. No Scout has the right to put down, ridicule, or attack another Scout, either physically or verbally.
  6. Scouts shall respect the rights of others with respect to their property and their privacy.
  7. The Troop shall act in accordance with Leave No Trace principles

Repeated violation of any of the above may result in one or more of the following consequence. The Troop will operate on a “three strike rule” with regards to the progressive actions:

  1. Scouts will be asked to discontinue their inappropriate behavior as a first warning
  2. Parents or guardians may be informed of the inappropriate behaviour and requested to intervene.
  3. Parents or guardians may be contacted during a Troop activity and asked to take their Scout home.
  4. The Scout may be requested not to participate in certain Troop activities.
  5. The Scout may be requested not to attend a subsequent meeting.
  6. A Scout who repeatedly violates the Troop Code of Conduct, and shows no indication of correcting their actions may, as a final option, face expulsion from the Troop..

Download a PDF copy of the Troop Code of Conduct

The 6th Dundas Troop Court of Honour is reviewed annually by the Troop Leadership Team, Last Update Fall 2018