Seeonee / Six Star Hall of Fame

About The Seeonee Award


The Seeonee Award is the Top Section Award for a Cub Scout. It marks the culmination and completion of a successful Cub Scout journey. At the end of Cub Scouts, youth will have an opportunity to reflect on their personal journey and Outdoor Adventure Skills attained. They will volunteer hours of service and develop a project that serves their community.

During the second half of their Howler year, Cub Scouts may begin to work on their Seeonee Award. The Top Section Award is achievable even if the youth has only been in Cubs for one year


6th Dundas Seeonee Award Recipients

Eoghan T. - 2018


6th Dundas Six Star Award Recipients

Under the previous Cub Scout program, the Six Star Award was the highest award which Cubs at 6th Dundas could earn. To earn this award, a Cub Scout completed all six Stars in the areas of Nature World, Outdoor Activity, Creative Expression, Health and Fitness, Home and Community and Canada & The World.

Matthew B. - 2014William B. - 2014Dylan B. - 2015Ben W. - 2017


Seeonee Recipients Press Coverage


6th Dundas youth make grade for top Cub, Beaver awards” – Dundas Star News, June 7, 2018