Meeting Nights


Cub Scouts will meet regularly on Monday nights at St. Marks United Church please enter by the North-West rear doors facing Governors Rd. Our Pack meets at 6:30 pm (please note the Scouters might be at the hall prior to 6:30 pm but there is no supervision for the youth as this is setup time) for our formal opening. Our program will wrap up at 8:00 pm. There will be occasion when our Pack will meet on other nights to accommodate outings, activities, and hall availability.

Please come into the hall to pickup your youth, unless other arrangements have been made in advance. We will make every effort to advise parents of these changes well in advance. We will not be available to supervise and organize Cubs prior to 6:30 pm so please ensure this works for your schedule.


Inspections for Cub Scouts will be done at 6th Dundas pack.  The definition of uniform is; a distinctive outfit intended to identify those who wear it as members of a specific group. The Scouting movement is built on positive values, as reflected in a properly worn uniform. Inspections are intended to help the Cubs to take pride and respect in themselves, their appearance and the organization that they have chosen to be a part of.

Full uniform (Cub shirt/neckerchief) must be worn to all Cub meetings and events unless otherwise specified by the Scouters. Cubs are to arrive at camp in full uniform 

BE PREPARED Inspections are conducted at the beginning of each meeting.

 This is what you will be inspected on:

 •Attendance or notification of nonattendance

•Full Complete Uniform (Shirt, Necker)

•Tidy necker with Woggle

•Cub Scout Jungle Map (with name inside)


•Note book

•Knot Rope

•Clean Paws, Claws, Fangs (Clean Hands and Face)

•Fur Combed (Combed hair)

•Current Badges attached to uniform

•Bonus Points for Badges completed and presented for Testing

 The Lair with the most points will receive a special reward at the end of the year for their actions.

 Remember to do your Best!