This is an estimated cost break down of what our camps and other activities will cost for the year.


Three times a year Dues is collected 1st meeting of September, December, March.

The dues can be paid online or in cash during the meeting.

Dues funds our activities and supplies for the program throughout the year. If you miss a week you are still responsible for dues

Costs 2015/2016

Dues – $45.00 for the year (three $15.00 payment’s or yearly)

Necker Deposit/Purchase – $10.00 (one time only)

4 Camps – Approximately $120.00 for the year

3 Day events – Approximately $45.00 for the year

 Approximate cost for the year $220.00

Excluding Registration fees that go direct to Scouts Canada, Uniform, Banquet.

($220.00 Not bad for 4 weekends kid free!)