Code of Conduct

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During the year we will be evaluating these Code of Council Rock and the youth will have input on this document, and agree to be held responsible for their own actions.

 6th Dundas Cubs Pack Code of Council Rock (Revised Sept 30, 2013)

  •  Cubs will act with honor 
  • Cubs share 
  • Cubs respect other people’s property 
  • Cubs respect and wear their uniforms with pride 
  • Cubs respect their elders 
  • Cubs do not fight or curse 
  • Cubs do not fool around in the circle 
  • Cubs do not play with the dividing wall
  •  Cubs do not go behind the boards 

6th Dundas Cubs Howler’s Council Code of Conduct 

  • I promise to be a good example
  • I promise to set high standards for dress, complete uniform, correct badge placement, etc
  • I promise to work with my second and to encourage my lair in star and badge work.
  • I promise to check cubs for clean hands, face, uniform and scarf before inspection.
  • I promise to remember the Law and Promise and teach by example.
  • I promise to bring problems to Scouters and respect their judgment and decisions.
  • I promise to be enthusiastic about everything.
  • I promise to help younger Cubs with crafts, rules, games, etc.
  • I promise to make my lair a place that is fun, clean and happy.