North Star Award Hall of Fame

About The North Star Award


The North Star Award is the pinnacle of the Beaver Scout journey. In January of the Beavers’ White Tail year, the Northern Lights Ceremony marks the beginning of the Beaver Scout Northern Lights Quest. The White Tails receive their Northern Lights Tail to symbolize the start of the Northern Lights Quest. During the ceremony, the White Tails receive special scrolls that will guide them on the quest. The scrolls are tied up with ribbon or string, and outline the process for achieving the North Star Award. As a team and as individuals, the White Tails are asked to demonstrate excellence in what they have learned as Beaver Scouts in order to earn their North Star Award. When a Beaver Scout has completed his or her quest, a celebration is held at which he or she is presented with the North Star Award badge.

This award can be earned by White Tail Beaver Scouts, even if they are in their first year in Scouting. The focus is on the personal journey, individually appropriate challenge and the willingness of the Beaver Scout to work hard.


6th Dundas North Star Award Recipients

Charlie B. - 2018Jack K. - 2018Brady P. - 2018Cian T. - 2018
Viggo C. - 2019Colin H. - 2019Nolan K. - 2019Rory S. - 2019
Max K. - 2020Jacob W. - 2020Issac B. - 2021Emmett H. - 2021
Philip P. - 2021Teddy A. - 2022Wylie M. - 2022Alex M. - 2022
Cassius S. - 2022Ren S. - 2022Elliot W. - 2022Eamon W. - 2022
Ben W. - 2023Edward P. - 2023Reid P. - 2023


North Star Recipients Press Coverage


6th Dundas youth make grade for top Cub, Beaver awards” – Dundas Star News, June 7, 2018